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Effective against hay fever: azelastine or cromoglicic acid?

There are many ways to combat hay fever and allergies. There are differences, for example, in modes of application (spray, drops, tablets, injections etc.) and also in the mode of action. At this point we want to explain the different active ingredients used in Polli products.

In acute cases: azelastine

The active ingredient azelastine forms the basis of Pollival® eye drops and Pollival® nasal spray. It is used mainly to relieve allergic discomfort in the eyes or nose. Locally applied, azelastine efficiently blocks the histamine-action, thus alleviating the allergy symptoms. In addition, the active ingredient in the H1-antihistamines stabilises the mast-cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Azelastine - for rapid relief from symptoms!

Fewer symptoms thanks to cromoglicic acid

Cromoglicic acid is used in particular for prevention of allergic disorders. The active ingredient in Pollicrom® eye drops and Pollicrom® nasal spray intervenes in the allergy mechanism at an early stage and prevents the release of histamines and other long-lasting messenger substances. If applied a few days before the initial signs of allergy, it will prevent more severe symptoms from occurring. Cromoglicic acid is well suited for topical application because of its good tolerability and serves as: Baseline protection for allergies! And also over long periods of time.

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