Eyes are burning, the nose tingles

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Symptoms: How to recognise that you have hay fever

After a long winter, nature finally reveals its most beautiful side: bright sunshine, delicate buds and lush greenery all around! However, as soon as spring begins, do you feel a tingling in your nose, do your eyes burn or are there are wheals on your skin? This could mean you are affected by hay fever.

Usual symptoms of hay fever include

  • allergic conjunctivitis, an eye inflammation,
  • allergic rhinitis, a constant runny nose with an initial clear secretion or
  • various forms of skin irritation that may include eczema, (inflammations) as well as neurodermatitis (very dry skin) or hives (formation of wheals).

Other manifestations of hay fever include

  • multi-allergies
  • allergic asthma or in more serious cases in
  • anaphylactic shock.

Symptoms of the common cold, such as headaches, loss of appetite or states of exhaustion, are also possible. If you notice any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. These allergies can be positively identified with the aid of allergy tests. Antihistamines such as Pollival® nasal spray can be used for treatment.

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