Pollival® nasal spray

Immediate defence for the nose

  • Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory
  • Preservative-free
  • For adults, adolescents and children over the age of 6
  • 6-month shelf life after opening
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Just awful: your nose is constantly running and you have to sneeze heavily. Because right on schedule, hay fever has you back in its grip in the allergy season.

Use now: Pollival® nasal spray (mandatory information) for acute allergic symptoms of the nose. The azelastine active ingredient can alleviate the symptoms after a short time, as it efficiently blocks the effects of histamine, the allergenic messenger substance. Only one spray per nostril needed, up to twice a day.

Important notice:
Pollival® nasal spray can be used until the symptoms subside, however no longer than 6 consecutive months.

Pollival® nasal spray

The Immediate defence!

  • Preservative-free

Mandatory information

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