11 tips and tricks to get you through the allergy season

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11 tips and tricks to get you through the allergy season

Let’s be honest: Allergies such as hay fever are dreadfully annoying and adversely affect our lives! Spending the allergy season inside the house or flat, to avoid all allergens, is just not realistic.

Our 11 Tips and Tricks to remedy this:

  1. Mucous membranes: Moisten your eyes and nasal mucous membranes regularly using appropriate measures, to prevent drying out!
  2. Cleaning: Wipe floors and furniture more often than usual with a damp cloth to get rid of accumulated pollen
  3. Ventilation: Proper ventilation depends on the strength of the pollen concentration. As a rule: early in the morning in towns and during the evenings in the countryside.
  4. Washing: Do not hang your clothes and towels outside to dry during the allergy season.
  5. Bedroom I: Ban flowers and items that collect dust from your bedroom, so that pollen does not accumulate there over time.
  6. Bedroom II: Shower before you go to bed or at least wash your hair. The pollen caught in your hair will be washed away and not carried into your bed.
  7. Bedroom III: Do not keep clothes in your bedroom that you have worn outside your home!
  8. Car: When driving, keep the windows closed and check to see if a special pollen filter is available for your car model.
  9. Outside I: Wherever possible, do not go outdoors during your "pollen season" and in particular refrain from engaging in sports activities in the fresh air. The exception to this rule is rainy days.
  10. Outside II: Check the pollen alert system (for example the German Pollen Information Service Foundation) and find out the current pollen count before leaving the house.
  11. Outside III: Put on a mask! Dust masks offer good protection against airborne pollen, if you don’t mind what you look like.

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